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The  Liebstar Award 💚

Receiving awards always put a big smile on our face ,isn’t it ?  And when a new blogger like me gets that in a row ,it happens to be something more than blissful. Ok, coming to the award Intro !! It is said that the Liebster Award was created to recognize or discover new talented Bloggers in the Blogosphere and welcome them .It is indeed a nice gesture I believe.I was nominated by the very talented  Femvestige, a very versatile writer who is quite alarmed regarding the social happenings and also a feminist .

Facts about mehere

 Questions asked by Femvestige :

  • What has been your most exciting blogging moment?

                  It was when i started to write poems and my first publication was made on wordpress itself,the numerous positive feedbacks i received were beyond my expectations.

    • What are your blogging goals?

                    As of now I want to produce more fruitful posts  and  to always deliver something fresh and interesting .

      • How do you define success?

                   Success for me is being the person I always want to be and living the life i want .

      • If you were only allowed 4 senses, what sense would you take away? Why?

               That would be hearing .Then i can believe things only through observing and moreover Ignorance is bliss i feel.;) 

      • Why are you proud of you?

                  My nature makes me proud of myself.I have had many failures but still i have that one faith in me that i shall overcome the storm soon.

        • What part of your body would you write a love letter to?

                   My eyes and smile.Expressive !! ( people say )

        • If you could make fighting for an issue a full-time job, what would it be?

                   The employment system .Am not satisfied with the process.

        • What is the most loving moment in your life thus far?

                  When we meet once in a year.Birthdays,valentine,every special occassions happen that time.

                         It is a Rabbit.

          • What book has changed your life?

                     I won’t say that my life has changed after reading but surely the impact is strong which have nourished my viewpoint. The books are  “A streetcar named desire” ,” Thousand splendid suns” & ” Karna’s wife”.

            • What is your favorite quote? Why?

                     You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching.Love like you will never be hurt.sing like there’s nobody listening and live like it’s heaven on earth”.

              Celebration of Individualism is instilled in these lines so my favourite.

                  I tag :

            1. Soumyadeep
            2. A mother’s diary
            3. Sk vegan
            4. Alison
            5. Anisha
            6. A song of my life 
            7. Ayexbee
            8. Kumin kueche 
            9. Happy soul
            10. Some bucolic hut
            11. Sundust

            My questions for you :

            1. What is your greatest achievement outside blogging?
            2. What are your nicknames? You prefer to be called?
            3. How many days could you last in solitary confinement and how?
            4. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?
            5. Which animals scare you most?
            6. What would your autobiography be called?
            7. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
            8. Where is your fav place to take out an out of town guest?
            9. Are you good at keeping secrets?
            10. The recent compliment received?
            11. Your patronus?

            ❤ sanchali…


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            2. Thanks a lot for this lovely honor Sanchali… not sure how i missed this link from my notifications feed…apologies for not having responded earlier… such gestures are truly encouraging… thanks again 🙂 🙂

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