First weekly Photo challenge : SHADOW

This is my first entry to weekly photo challenge by wordpress and the topic this week is  ‘shadow’. 

             Shadow instills life . Shadow is the identity of being . It is that part and parcel that never leaves us ,be it in sick or health.We hardly give it recognition nor it demands so. This post is dedicated to that loyal friend which made these memories more memorable and pictures more scenic.

The weekly photo challenge 

Photo credits © Sanchali07wanderer.

Photo credits © sanchali07wanderer


10 thoughts on “First weekly Photo challenge : SHADOW”

  1. Love the photos. I especially like the one that is either at dusk or dawn. I find dusk/dawn photos are absolutely. I have some from when I went to the ocean with my wife that are just breathtaking. Look forward to seeing more of your photos.

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      1. my comment section is not off? Is there a problem with something specific? I just recently had a data failure and had to restore my site from a backup, but I have had comments since so I hope that I didn’t miss something.


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