Go scuba….Challenge accepted.

โ€‹Ok so, on this valentine’s i got an extra pack of lovelies in my life which my blog gifted me. Happy valentine’s to all. Although I am little late to stand in the wishing que but better late than never !!

Valentine’s is a day to show a bit extra love so am here to show love to my wandering. In the previous post The tale of the Emerald Island “, I tried giving a glimpse of the various treasures the Island offers ,one of them being the scuba diving. Then i thought ,the lifetime experience of scuba is a tale in itself , So why not pen it down and give it a share .

Before that,

Few more facts about me:
                 A non swimmer, I suffer from a bit of hydrophobia which makes me sick even if i merely stare at some T.v programmes featuring under ocean Activities.

Now coming to my tale of gallantry :   

   I went to the spot on the scheduled day, filled a form with a palpitating heart on the horns of dilemma to dive or not to dive. But gradually I mustered my courage and decided to achieve a life time experience.

 As a beginner i was given a personal trainer who would dive with me and be my guide.  Pheww !!!  At least am not gonna die now by drowning- i thought.

 Then came my costume and a bulky o2 cylinder. The massive weight  made me unable  to stand properly even .Thanks to my trainer who was holding it altime underwater. During my training session i was tutored about the underwater signals and he took a small demo of my breathing skills underwater. I was little miserable , i couldn’t hold my breath for long and came up repeatedly. Then i decided i can’t waste my whole  time in training (we had specific timings). He informed me about the deep pressure under water before asking for my final confirmation , I confirmed with a  🆗🏻symbol.

Then Started my dive. Bit afraid , bit excited , all these feelings assembled altogether. Oh! My God what a beauty i could have missed if i had let my fear overcome me. I was the mermaid in that large aquarium. The perenially charming species of marine fish and corals formed a huge den of celestial beauty, undisturbed in their own world. Yes i faced some breathing problems but that seemed too small to hinder the bliss of that pleasant sight.

The girl who went inside and the girl who came out were not same anymore  and there she changed , she came back a complete different person with a new outlook and a new experience of knowing the unknown.

P.S : This post is dedicated to all , who suffer somekind of phobia , be it anything. From my experience i can say never fear , embrace it instead. The other side of fear is very beautiful , do cross the wall  and experience .

 After this i would love to dive in much bigger places  if i get any oppurtunity. Till then this dive will be an asset of my existence.

For the sake of information – Only Two places offer scuba diving in India , Andaman and Nicober Islands  and Pondicherry, Andaman Island offering bigger experience , so when in Andaman  Go scuba  🌊


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