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Taking the Bull down..

Revisiting my thoughts of this day that year……


You tried to confine me,

Mypatternof life was your design.

Did my agony, my torment

balm your narrow vanity ?

Well no more !!

Your chains proved too weak to captive my energy.

A free bird I am,

exceeding your capacity .

Via daily word prompt :Pattern

© Sanchali07wanderer

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Blogging 2.0

A very happy new year to each and all. It has been a very long long time since I made my last draft, so right now , am engulfed with much guilt . Blame my anxiety, busy exam schedules and lethargic attitude for having pushed me into the unfathomable writer's Block. However, this much needed… Continue reading Blogging 2.0

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 Behind the veil of Success …

Blast from the past #revisited


​In the unfathomable portion of the mind,

Lies a question,not so kind.

What is the real rule to success,did you ever mind?

Encouragement,art thou the reason?

Or Insult that seeds the poison!

Sources be mean or dear,

Ultimately success is what men care.

Hurt as much as you can,

Insult too as much as you can.

Alas!The seeds of success have already been sown.

But where are now those leaves of hatred?

Are they already blown?

Trumpets which once added colors to our friendship,

Now mourns on our fiendship.

Wish we could ever soften the path of our hardships!

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© Sanchali07wanderer.

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Taking the Bull down..

The recent hype in the Wall street surrounding the statue of the brave little girl facing the 11 foot tall gigantic " Bull ' not only signifies gender equality but also delivers a powerful message 'Not to get subdued' . Always hold your head high with pride and courage. Rise and shine..

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The  Liebstar Award 💚

Receiving awards always put a big smile on our face ,isn't it ?  And when a new blogger like me gets that in a row ,it happens to be something more than blissful. Ok, coming to the award Intro !! It is said that the Liebster Award was created to recognize or discover new talented… Continue reading The  Liebstar Award 💚

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Yaayyy ! Acheived Blog aholic Award 👸

Hey all the blogging stunners out there, hope you all are doing great. So, here  is my third appearance to showcase my one more achievement "The Blog Aholic Award" gifted me by the very talented, very versatile Soumyadeep . Although he is as novice as me here but his writings enlighten me everyday. I guess you will… Continue reading Yaayyy ! Acheived Blog aholic Award 👸


The versatile Blogger Award 💖

The blog "wandering in my Genes" took the first step a month back with the very desire to unveil the internal happenings, blended with plethora of emotions , to connect with more and more writers around the world and to quench the thirst for learning something new from them. Cheers to my month long fellowship with… Continue reading The versatile Blogger Award 💖