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From the ashes of shattered dreams..

For the one word prompt : Radiate

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Β Behind the veil of Success …

Blast from the past #revisited


​In the unfathomable portion of the mind,

Lies a question,not so kind.

What is the real rule to success,did you ever mind?

Encouragement,art thou the reason?

Or Insult that seeds the poison!

Sources be mean or dear,

Ultimately success is what men care.

Hurt as much as you can,

Insult too as much as you can.

Alas!The seeds of success have already been sown.

But where are now those leaves of hatred?

Are they already blown?

Trumpets which once added colors to our friendship,

Now mourns on our fiendship.

Wish we could ever soften the path of our hardships!

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Β© Sanchali07wanderer.

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Taking the Bull down..

The recent hype in the Wall street surrounding the statue of the brave little girl facing the 11 foot tall gigantic " Bull ' not only signifies gender equality but also delivers a powerful message 'Not to get subdued' . Always hold your head high with pride and courage. Rise and shine..

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The Blue sky tag..

Thank you Ali for the lovely tag and the constant support and appreciation you bestow upon me . Am late in posting this tag though.  I love awards/tags coz I believe apart from your writings, these sections have that pivotal role to play in forming connections with your readers and am much overwhelmed. Here are the rules:… Continue reading The Blue sky tag..

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Celebrating the bliss of womanhood…

Source of your presence Bestowing nine months residence, Yet suffering the perils of existence. Women !! You are an epitome of endurance. To those beautiful, strong, dynamic women out there, I want to dedicate  this post to commemorate our beautiful existence and achievements. I don't believe in tagging a particular day for the appreciation of… Continue reading Celebrating the bliss of womanhood…


Blogger Recognition Award…

 Am already much late to show my gratitude to the lovely blogger cum my friend cheila who bestowed this Award upon me but better late than never..isn't it? Am much thrilled to have been nominated for another award (fourth) . For me , she is a versatile writer and you can never get bored going through the articles… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award…