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Tripping over the clouds – part 1/2

" It's not so much for it's beauty that the forests make a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air , that emanation from old trees , that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit . " R.L Stevenson My wandering bugs took me to such a trip… Continue reading Tripping over the clouds – part 1/2


Savoring the extravaganza of the “Hornbill” fiesta.

The  name "Hornbill''  basically reminds  us  of  the  bird  found  in Tropical  and  subtropical  Africa,Asia. and  Melanesia, having  the brightest  colors  on  their beaks and   bare  skin of  face  and throat. These  splash  of colors are reflected  at  their  best in  the most  joyous  event of Nagaland - The  "Festival of Festivals"  as  they call … Continue reading Savoring the extravaganza of the “Hornbill” fiesta.

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The tale of the Emerald islands….

Hey fellas,right now am enjoying a bright sunny wintery morning which is surely blissful after a prolonged shroud of gloominess.Finally the adamant Sun has step out of its cocoon.Besides,the morning has something more special to whisper in my ears I.e the nostalgic messages of my voyage(ummm the "voyage" word making me feel like the Vasco… Continue reading The tale of the Emerald islands….

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My favorite pages of memory written by KASHMIR….

you must be very  proud of the immense beauty you own.Aren't you? Nations dying to posses you, sane minds going insane watching your grandeur....Kashmir you are definitely that paradise ,sadly torn by the political disputes.loved every shade of yours #kangri #Firan #shepardsvalley #Myfirst snowfall of life...