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Blogging 2.0

A very happy new year to each and all. It has been a very long long time since I made my last draft, so right now , am engulfed with much guilt . Blame my anxiety, busy exam schedules and lethargic attitude for having pushed me into the unfathomable writer's Block. However, this much needed… Continue reading Blogging 2.0


A droplet of thought on the verge of new year…..

On this last day of the dying year there are series of thoughts that are engulfing me right now .Some thoughts directing me towards hope whereas some making me skeptical ..2016 wasn't very kind to me which makes me Keep expectations from  another year.But my skeptic mind still asks the question...will it be worth hoping… Continue reading A droplet of thought on the verge of new year…..

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Isn't it awesome,we the denizens of imagination Blended by you,got our recognitions? Some keep us in their deepest nook, While some transform the Outlook. Lucky are those who receive the residence of heart, Rest lay shattered being hurt. Day comes,day goes You are the one,the mind knows. The poor part that longs to Blend with… Continue reading Bl€nded….