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From the ashes of shattered dreams..

For the one word prompt : Radiate

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Celebrating the bliss of womanhood…

Source of your presence Bestowing nine months residence, Yet suffering the perils of existence. Women !! You are an epitome of endurance. To those beautiful, strong, dynamic women out there, I want to dedicate  this post to commemorate our beautiful existence and achievements. I don't believe in tagging a particular day for the appreciation of… Continue reading Celebrating the bliss of womanhood…

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Isn't it awesome,we the denizens of imagination Blended by you,got our recognitions? Some keep us in their deepest nook, While some transform the Outlook. Lucky are those who receive the residence of heart, Rest lay shattered being hurt. Day comes,day goes You are the one,the mind knows. The poor part that longs to Blend with… Continue reading Bl€nded….