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Blogging 2.0

A very happy new year to each and all. It has been a very long long time since I made my last draft, so right now , am engulfed with much guilt . Blame my anxiety, busy exam schedules and lethargic attitude for having pushed me into the unfathomable writer’s Block. However, this much needed comeback will positively instigate that lost zeal , I believe. At times, I often get bewildered thinking of some unwanted habits that cling upon us like parasites suppressing the real self.

Therefore here I go,I am gonna dust myself off and dive into life again with new vivacity. Consider it to be my year’s resolution because a brand new 365 pages blank book with stories of laughter,travel and experience needs to be woven upon.

What are your thoughts? Altered, added, subtracted, modified anything from 2017? Would love to lend an ear.

Love all

The wanderer πŸ’–

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