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From the ashes of shattered dreams..

Never to lose your glory in these morbid times,
Fool of you to lose your shine.
Time heals, if this is the truth,

Your once innocence gets killed by Time,isn’t it brute ?
Bravest are those who radiate their glow,
When life acts cruel enough to give the hardest blow.

Be the Phoenix of the deepest pains

Fall and break but never cease to crack the chains ,

For hope is our biggest gain.


19 thoughts on “From the ashes of shattered dreams..”

  1. Hi,
    I know Traci, Delight Times, and Ritu.
    I liked your poem. Hope sustains us. I also like your river photo behind the poem.
    I came by to thank you for visiting my site and liking my latest post about how to get new blog subscribers with optins and introduce myself. I’m Janice!

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      1. Hi Sanchali,
        You sound so kind, and supportive of my blog. However, I do not blog at Reflections and haven’t in years. I received a notification that you followed Reflections. I don’t know why– I have a redirect in place. Could you please follow me at my current blog MostlyBlogging.com? I have blog parties like Danny where you could connect with even more people and over 600 blogging-tips articles.


  2. Other people from Danny’s party also clicked my link and ended up at Reflections. I don’t know why. I tried to go to Danny’s party and click my name and avatar. Each time, I went to MostlyBlogging.com, the right blog. So, I couldn’t replicate the problem to find out why it was happening.

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  3. Hi Sanchali,
    I haven’t received a notification that you signed up. Did the link I left work? I want to make sure you are signed up since I’m having a linky party in eight hours and want to make sure you receive the notification.


      1. Hi Sanchali,
        Yes, I was going to write you. Thank you for signing up. I hope you got your PDF of 123 blogging tools for joining. I send posts to the mailing list on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
        I am excited about our connection and look forward to getting to know you better.


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