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 Behind the veil of Success …

Blast from the past #revisited


​In the unfathomable portion of the mind,

Lies a question,not so kind.

What is the real rule to success,did you ever mind?

Encouragement,art thou the reason?

Or Insult that seeds the poison!

Sources be mean or dear,

Ultimately success is what men care.

Hurt as much as you can,

Insult too as much as you can.

Alas!The seeds of success have already been sown.

But where are now those leaves of hatred?

Are they already blown?

Trumpets which once added colors to our friendship,

Now mourns on our fiendship.

Wish we could ever soften the path of our hardships!

Cover credit: Google

© Sanchali07wanderer.

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24 thoughts on “ Behind the veil of Success …”

      1. Some people have difference ways of thinking and going about their lives, and of course we have both changed. I’m afraid it’s a bit hard for either of us to change as well as adapt to one another… :/ Life still goes on as always, and high school is just high school I suppose.

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      2. That’s definitely true. Sometimes I wish things could just change for the better, or even dial back. But that would go against everything that is great at this current moment. Do you ever feel that way?

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  1. Hey, I love the way you’ve laid out this poem. I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of them.
    I think some people are encouraged to success by sweet words while for others, it’s the insults 🙂 that motivate them.

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