imaginations, motivational, poetry

The Chimeric Game..

Neither can you hook it ,
Nor can I .

The wings of imagery ,

makes it fly ..

Hopping from your sanity to mine ;

The chimeric game is hard to descry .

Sunny or gloomy ,

It’s the thoughts upon which they rely .

We did this thing often in our childhood, even now we sit and gaze upon the clouds and gift them a shape with the brush of our imaginations..We were and are so addicted to this game. The thick patch of wool like substance never failed to pacify our curiosity.. As if a bunch of jigsaw puzzles is hovering above . They are the masters of their own wills . Sometimes a wolf , sometimes a bunny, sometimes a unicorn, even sometimes a big panda… Your eyes become the artist and the clouds your canvases .You are at full liberty to raise your imaginations to the sky top and become the Vinci. 

So let me know the creations of your canvases too..It’s always fun..isn’t it?

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