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Holi musicals

Holi is all about colors , all about music, dance and food. We people splash not only colors at each other but also happiness because it is the celebration and the fiesta of togetherness, vibrancy of spring, fertility, love. The whole nation gives a boot to everyday norms today.

Here are some Holi songs that will give you perfect glimpse of the unappetizing khichdi like scenario in India during Holi. Bollywood’s ceremonialization of the festival is perennial, the mode of potrayal has changed but the mood is still the same. So, put on those dancing shoes please and get ready to groove to the beat..

  • Balampichkari :
  • Raghuveera :
  • koyla ho gayi :
  • Go pagal :
  • Rang barse :
  • Badri ki dulhania :

Be colorful always 

❀ Sanchali07wanderer


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