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Winter is Coming…

You might be wondering why am talking about winter at this unusual time. Noh it’s not strange. How many GOTians  here ? Send the ravens coz the fantasy drama is back again with season 7. I just couldn’t control my overwhelming  joy and at once took the charge of expressing it out of my sudden whim.I guess I will get a lots of addicts here, so tell me your favourite characters. Mine are  Jon snow, Arya stark, Daenerys Targaryen and ummm sometimes Sansa too.. It’s always fun to discuss. 

The due date is 16th of July ( πŸ™„ too long to keep my excitement in check…) , till then the teaser (finally) , released yesterday will work as the elixir.For those who haven’t seen the teaser , here it is :


26 thoughts on “Winter is Coming…”

  1. OMG thanks for posting this! I haven’t been updated in GOT since the only apps that I open for now is WordPress and my FB Messenger. The teaser was insane!! I’m honestly fangirling over here. I can’t wait for Jon and Dany to meet. But I think I’d honestly cry so much when Arya and Bran comes home. I love those wolfs! ❀ x

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