chocolates, poetry


Talks about chocolates always give a nice feel ..isn’t? So here’s to wish you all a chocolatey good morning …

Brown coated, sometimes also pink, yellow and brightest white.

From the child to an adult, cherishes with delight.

Comes in shapes circular, box and tempting spiral,

You can’t resist it’s craze being viral.

From breakfast till dinner, chocolates in the plate I wonder,

But fear of cavity always hinders the desire.

It must be too difficult, I again wonder,

For that chocolate seller not to surrender.

                        Age is no bar ,

For chocolates are always to savor…..

© sanchali07wanderer

This is for the one word prompt: Desire.

 As soon as I came across the word this morning , I thought of nothing but chocolates. With this thought appeared the childhood nostalgia and I quickly penned it down …I guess many of you here  are chocoholics like me,then do share the names of your favourite chocolates.I would love to know…..My favourites are Galaxy, Dairy milk silk and Ferrero Rocher..

🍫🍫🍫🍫 from the wanderer…


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