A month old…

Hey lovely folks 👯 , this  post I want to dedicate to each one of you on my completion of one month in Blogging. I am much overwhelmed being a month old now. 

This is my note of gratitude towards all those spectators who stopped by the blog and helped it blossom . The journey from knowing nothing about blogging to knowing something gives me great encouragement daily. Umpteen thoughts about this feeling are clashing in my mind making me perplexed what to jot down that will best suit the moment. Here are some of my thoughts or you can define experiences of this one month :

  • A  platform to connect with global audiences.
  • Am more addicted to wordpress  than facebook or instagram.
  • Friends with no barrier.The limitless reach to each and all without any hesitation.(In Facebook i add only known ones) 
  • A platform to enhance your skills.You are free to ventilate your thoughts unrestrained.
  • The free flow of ideas.
  • A healthy criticism helping to strengthen your roots of writing.(First Friday for new bloggers)
  • An eager wait to connect more audiences at the community pool .
  • Not only words,but pictures too can depict your story and WordPress mingles stories both with words and pictures.
  • Last but not the least ,am also a poet now (still hard to believe).

These are  snippets from my ocean of thoughts revolving round the grey matter. The destination is still very far and miles to go,but am glad am not alone. Stay connected.

💖 sanchali


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