Savoring the extravaganza of the “Hornbill” fiesta.

The  name “Hornbill”  basically reminds  us  of  the  bird  found  in Tropical  and  subtropical  Africa,Asia. and  Melanesia, having  the brightest  colors  on  their beaks and   bare  skin of  face  and throat. These  splash  of colors are reflected  at  their  best in  the most  joyous  event of Nagaland – The  “Festival of Festivals”  as  they call  it  or  the  Hornbill festival,named after  the  colorful bird  “Hornbill“.


It   is   very well  known  that Nagaland  shelters  the  largest community  of  tribes  who  own diverse  cultures  and  traditions and  this  festival  exactly serves the  very  purpose  of  uniting these  varied  cultures  of  different tribes  at one  platform. Though the  festivities  mainly  revolve round the crop cycle,  the festival also  aims  at  promoting  the  richness  of  the Naga  tradion  to the  global  audience.  Following this  agenda, the  Culture  Heritage of  Nagaland  under  Government of  Nagaland,  has  given  an official  tag to  the  festival since 


Venue of the festival
Celebrated  every  first  week  of December,  the official  venue of the  festival  stays  at the Naga Heritage  village in Kisama,  about 12 km  from  the  very  popular Kohima. However,  the year  2016 gave  3  other districts, viz. Dinapur, Mokokchung  and Phek the  privilege  to witness  this grand  fiesta.

 The  week  long festival showcases its extravaganza through  the cultural  richness making  tourists  flock from all over the world with a keen desire to explore the  mystic  land of Nagas whole heartedly.


The  tribals  display  their paintings,  wood carvings,  hand woven shawls,  unique cuisines, dances,  songs  and  sports. However,  the very essence  of  the festival  rests  in Naga  wrestling, chilli eating contest,  car rallies, traditional archery  and  the amazing  rock fest  in  the evenings  with 20  Indian rock bands  performing live.



Finally  with  the sun  setting,  the entire  environment  of  the  festival  which  witnessed  a day long  hustle and bustle  haults to a soothing  point enriched  with the melodious  Naga  tunes around  a central  bonfire,  making  you  fall head  over  heels in  love with  the land of seven sisters.#IncredibleIndia

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