You are strange in your choices,

you leave the one as soon as one rejoices

Hard is the path of your choices;

You select one amidst the hundreds,

Within a blink of a second you leave them stranded;

Really hard is the path of your choices!!

A traveller of fortune today by the grace of your touch,

Begging his luck tomorrow worries me much.

What makes your selection hard this much?

Strong is your will ,not a friend you need,

The man shall be blessed in his deeds,

You are the supreme guardian indeed.


Β© Sanchali07wanderer

P.S:-This is my second trial in poetry.And the funny part is that,the overflow of powerful poetic emotions as marked by the “Wordsworth” occur in my case amidst most troublesome periods….Today i took some time before my exam to review my destiny and Eureka ! poetry happened..My last poem “Blended” was a result of a similar situation,only the venue was different- the exam hall. 😇

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