A droplet of thought on the verge of new year…..

On this last day of the dying year there are series of thoughts that are engulfing me right now .Some thoughts directing me towards hope whereas some making me skeptical ..2016 wasn’t very kind to me which makes me Keep expectations from  another year.But my skeptic mind still asks the question…will it be worth hoping goodness from the new year as


I do after every failed year?well that question is yet unanswered but happiness just knocked my door.My popsy is back home safe and sound after a week long struggle at the hospital recovering from the brain surgery.Now it makes me say aloud “Happy new year


5 thoughts on “A droplet of thought on the verge of new year…..”

      1. Hey i went through your different other posts but found the comment section blocked therefore unable to ventilate my thoughts on some posts.since i hv started blogging very recently it wud b nice if we could exchange suggestions to improve the writings.Healthy criticism, i always welcome with great pleasure.

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  1. It would be my pleasure to exchange suggestions Sanchali. But this is the first time someone has said that my comment section is blocked, I have tried to solve the issue. Thank you for letting me know that though.


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